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ICEMI organizers aim to provide an excellent international forum for interaction across the systems research community, appealing and useful to academic and industrial researchers, welcoming both students and seasoned professionals.

A list of Program Committee members can be found here.

ICEMI promotes experimental and practical research and welcomes both academic and industrial contributions, including the following topics:

  • I. Economics

    Agricultural Economics
    Business Economics
    Environmental and Resource Economics
    Economic Growth and Development
    Finance and International Finance
    Financial Economics
    Government Finance
    Health Economics
    Internet and Digital Economics
    Industrial and Technological Economics
    International Business / Economics
    Investment and Risk management
    Labor Economics / Human Resources
    Monetary Economics
    Quantitative Economics
    Real Estate and Urban Economics
    Rural and Regional Economics
    Securities trading
    Stocks and exchange rates prediction
    Swaps and derivatives trading or dealing


    Big Data
    Artificial Intelligence
    New Concepts and Theories
    History of Management Thought
    Management Philosophy
    Supply Chain Management
    HR Practices and Human Capital
    Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Management
    Corporate Governance and Control
    Corporate Finance and Banking
    Management Accounting
    Financial Reporting Practices and Quality
    Auditing Practices and Quality
    Operations, Quality and Productivity Management
    Performance Management
    Managing Risks of Value Networks
    Procurement and Facility Location
    Investment and Asset Pricing
    Exchange in the Market
    Consumer Behaviors / Consumer Psychology
    Online Behavior
    Design and Innovation in Organizations
    Synergy in Organizations
    Environment and External Links
    Information Systems and Management
    Service Systems and Service Management
    New Service and Brand Marketing Trends
    Technology Management
    Modeling and Simulation
    Strategy and Innovation
    Emerging Problems and Challenges

    III.Other Related Topics

    Innovations in Economics and Management
    New Research Methods for Economics and Management
    New Applications in Economics and Management